Immigration to Canada and the U.S.

Leiter Rahme, Attorneys/Avocats Inc. is a legal firm specializing in all aspects of Canadian and American immigration law. Based in Montreal, Quebec, we represent a diverse pool of clients from around the world. Please refer to the profile page to read about the professional qualifications of our management team.

Our firm represents clients from many different countries including China, Japan, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, France, Germany, Greece, Albania, Mexico, Argentina, Antilles, Bangladesh, India, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Togo, Guinea, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Cameroon, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Iraq, Armenia, U.A.E., Egypt, Austria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Benin, Pakistan, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Brazil, US, Denmark, United Kingdom, Philippines, Cambodia and Viet-Nam.

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