After making the decision to file an immigration application or to try to fight a decision taken by the immigration authorities, it is normal to question whether you truly need the assistance of an immigration lawyer.  It is possible that you know someone who filed an application by themselves without using the services of an immigration lawyer for their temporary or permanent visa application.  You may have heard that they simply filled out certain forms, paid the required fees and were approved without any complications.

On the other hand, you must have also heard of situations where someone has submitted their application without the assistance of an immigration attorney, and in the end, for some unknown reason, their application was denied, sometimes after years.  There are of course many situations which you have not heard about in which applicants have been denied a visa, but do not discuss this matter with friends or family because they are simply too embarrassed.

We strongly believe that submitting any type of immigration application without the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer is taking a serious risk of failure – a risk not worth taking.  This is particularly true if your immigration plans are important to you, if there is an urgency to your situation, or if you simply wish to avoid the hassle that comes with the procedure.

Immigration Law is extremely complex and can be a minefield for the uninitiated for many reasons.

Firstly, the laws and regulations are difficult to understand, are frequently modified, and are interrelated such that a decision to follow one approach makes it impossible to follow another approach in the future. Your possibilities in choosing the right path to meet your goal can also be complicated by the way that immigration law is related to other statutes, such as criminal law. You may have some idea about the general requirements for the type of visa that you are seeking to obtain. However, unless you are a lawyer specialized in immigration, it is extremely difficult to keep abreast of the almost monthly changes in immigration law, regulations and interpretations thereof that may significantly impact the outcome of your application.

Secondly, most immigration goals that you are seeking are not a given right, but rather a benefit for which you must prove that you qualify. The applicant thus bears an extremely high burden of proof. Immigration officers reviewing your application at Embassies/Consulates, Visa Offices and even Ports of Entry (whether at airports or at land borders), have wide discretionary powers. They can deny an immigration benefit (including entry as a visitor) if they believe that the applicant has not demonstrated to their satisfaction he/she meets the strict provisions of the law.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, your actions and the decisions that you make during the application process may have a negative impact on your current immigration status and/or approval of your visa application, even well after you have filed the application or have been granted your visa.  Your conduct may also inadvertently be the cause of complications or even determine the outcome of applications submitted by other family members who currently are or who will be undertaking an application process.
Our office understands that to succeed, we should work together to maximize the chance of success.  Only the applicant knows the complete details of his/her personal situation. Most successful immigration applications are those in which the applicant and the immigration attorney have worked together as a team.


While many other firms simply treat their clients as mere file numbers, we adopt a much more personalized approach based on human contact.  We chaperon our clients through their entire immigration process by means of effective communication and continuous contact.

We understand the importance of the immigration process to each of our clients. We meet with the client to ascertain the best approach to meet their goals, and prepare each application with the utmost care.  We are personally invested in each file. A competent resource person is assigned to each file in order to promptly respond to each of our clients’ questions and concerns.

Whether it is a question of filing a new application, following up on an existing application, or trying to fight a negative decision, we evaluate each person’s situation in detail before we accept them as a client. Before signing a contract, we outline the approach we recommend, the reasons behind this approach, and provide our professional opinion about the chances of success.

We are extremely proud of our policy of providing a personal response to all emails within 24 hours or the first work day following receipt of the message. Our number one priority is providing excellent service to the client.
Finally, what most sets us apart from other firms is our fighting spirit and determination to try to ensure the success of every application and/or hearing.


Our mission is simple: inform, assist and be available to our clients throughout the immigration process. We have been dedicated to this mission since 1991.  By being available to our clients, we can respond to their questions or concerns and carry out our duty to keep our clients informed about the progress of their case.  Clearly, each applicant has his/her own distinct situation which will require attention and a personalized approach to find the appropriate solutions.  We believe in being honest with applicants, starting with our initial evaluation of their possibilities to succeed.  We draw the client’s attention to any present or potential complications that could arise, as well as any possible alternative options and solutions.  With all the pertinent information in hand, we are confident that we can assist our clients in making the most beneficial decision with respect to their immigration plans and desires.

Developing a relationship of cooperation based on personal exchanges with our clients gives us the ability to help them understand the various steps involved in the application process. By regularly communicating with our clients, we can take prompt action should any difficulties or unforeseen issues arise.

For all the above reasons, we invite you to contact our attorneys to discuss your situation, goals and concerns.